Mineola Mayor Investigating Vandalism of Village Property

Hate graffiti in the village of Mineola, NY has led Mayor Scott P. Strauss on an intense investigation.

Several buildings, signs and cars in the village were tagged at random by unknown persons in February. These tags varied from hateful images such as swastikas to the number 666, which is considered to be the number of the devil to some.

The swastikas were spray painted in red on several buildings such as Chaminade High School and the Mineola Village Hall. Some busses, cars and road signs were also defaced, and the word “outlaws” was found in random areas of Mineola in the color orange.

Mayor Strauss originally brought the graffiti issue to the village’s attention in hopes that people would tip off the Nassau County third precinct.  He brought it up for the second time in the last public meeting before Election Dayon March 7th. “I think someone with hatred in their hearts painted this, and it outraged me personally,” said Mayor Strauss.

According to the Nassau County third precinct, the case is still being investigated. When the vandals are found, they will be charged with aggravated assault and must serve several hours toward community service. The vandals will also be forced to pay the village for the cost of cleaning the graffiti off the defaced property.

The Mineola community can help expedite the process of catching the vandals. Trustee Lawrence A. Werther explained the processes of helping: “If anybody has any information that can help the police department’s progress, they can call 1-800-244-TIPS.”

Nassau County’s third precinct explained that they work best with tips and anonymity is always an option. The village is willing to offer a reward for any information that will lead to the vandals that are responsible.

The crime is still being investigated, but the team is continuously getting larger. Mayor Strauss, the Nassau County precinct, Chaminade High School and several Mineola residents have been working together in hopes of finding the vandals.

Mineola resident -Andrea Longinott- expressed her attitude towards the damage: “I can’t understand why anyone would do such a thing. It’s pretty shocking and of course it upsets me to know that someone is purposely defacing where I live.”

Another Mineola resident, James Campbell, explained why it is important to attend the public meetings. “We basically come here, as a community, because we are concerned about our community and need to help make a change,” said Campbell.

With the effort and team-work being put forth, the vandals will soon be caught and Mineola can remain a clean village for the people. “It’s a great place to live; we want other people to see it,” said Strauss.

-Amanda Torres

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