Plantanos and Collard Greens at Hofstra University

Amanda_Plantanos and Collard Greens photoHofstra University brought the Platanos and Collard Greens! No, I’m not talking about actual food, I’m talking about the play based on David Lamb’s book, “Do Platanos Go Wit’ Collard Greens?”

Hofstra’s Student Government Association, Zarb Black and Hispanic MBA Association, Drama Department, MALIK Fraternity, Division of Student Affairs, NAACP and International (H*INT) all joined forces to bring this play to the Monroe Lecture Hall on November 27th.

Platanos and Collard Greens is a play about two college students—

Freeman played by Gordon Harris and Angelita played by Catherine Familia—forced to acknowledge the racial and cultural prejudices involving their interracial relationship. Freeman is an African-American man and Angelita is a Latino woman, and together they defend their relationship from their peers and parents.

This urban-romantic comedy addresses a lot of the typical prejudices and stereotypes we see on a daily basis; this goes from African-American women not wanting to wet their hair to more serious matters such as racism from both the Black and Spanish communities.

The actors use their humor to relay the messages David Lamb set out to portray in his book. The actors also recite poetry throughout the play to open the eyes of the viewers to the problem many people still face today: racism.

Platanos and Collard Greens debuted in 2003 and has been successful ever since; seen by almost 40,000 people at 100 different universities. It is an honor to have had such an amazing play and crew perform at Hofstra University and raise the awareness of some of the racial and cultural prejudices still alive today.

 -Amanda Torres

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