WBLS’s Open Line Broadcast Live at Hofstra

What would you do if you found out that one of your favorite stations was coming to broadcast live at your university? You’d probably be just as excited as I was when I heard that WBLS public affairs show, Open Line, was coming to Dempster Hall of Feb, 3, 2013!

WBLS Open Line Live, Photo Credit: Melaine Morgan

WBLS Open Line Live, Photo Credit: Melaine Morgan

I was browsing my Facebook news feed as usual when I came across the article about the Open Line crew coming to my college! I did a double-take because I thought I was seeing things! Especially since I had not seen any promotions around campus or through word-of-mouth. But, everything was validated when I was tuned into BLS and the radio promo told me, “The first stop the Open Line crew will make during Black History Month will be Hofstra University!”

Thereafter, the only thing on my mind was sharing the campus with Bob Pickett, James Mtume, and the one and only Bob Slade! Each and every Sunday the crew will be making appearances around the tri-state area to bring forth the issues that affect our communities and they chose my college for one of those limited four dates! This is mind-blowing to me! But hey, what better way to raise awareness than to have mass media raise their voices in the communities themselves?

Not only did the Open Line hosts share their opinions, 2 Dempster Rats, Public Relations major Candace Brown and Broadcast Journalism major Taimon Turner, were invited to join the panel of discussion! The broadcast turned out to be a great success. So the only question I have is why aren’t events like these done more often? The older generation stated plenty of times that they wanted to hear what the younger generation thought on different topics. Events like this bring the community closer together and help get the younger generation more involved within the community in that process.

The event also gave Hofstra students the opportunity to network with radio broadcasting professionals. I personally could not see myself missing an event like this, especially since I would love to intern, better yet work at, WBLS in the future! I was up at 5am Sunday morning, determined to travel and witness this event! I would strongly encourage live broadcasts like this to be brought back to the Hofstra campus and hope to see plenty more in the near future!

-Melaine Morgan

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