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African American Financial Experience Survey


Our 2013 African American Financial Experience study shows continued financial progress, confidence and growing affluence in the African American community. At the same time it highlights ongoing hurdles of debt, multiple financial priorities and lagging investment product ownership that for many continue to make it more difficult to achieve long term financial security.

Link to study: African American Financial Experience 

While these are challenges for all Americans, the study brings to light unique characteristics of the African American community. The findings show the African American financial experience is defined by clear family-oriented financial priorities, solid participation in employer retirement savings plans, a focus on protection-oriented financial products, the significant role of faith-based institutions in financial education and optimism for the future.

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Surban Poverty on Long Island

Scott Allard, associate professor at the University of Chicago, defined the connotative meanings of urban and suburban poverty on September 26, 2013 Hofstra University. He talked about the truth that lies behind poverty in the surrounding communities.

“Urban means poor and suburban equals opportunity,” he stated at the Changing Geography of Poverty and the American Safety Net Conference.

The community is labeled based off the people within it; Mostly African-American communities are labeled as urban while mostly Caucasian communities are labeled as suburban. Despite the connotative perspectives, Allard stated that there is no formal definition of a suburb because it is more than geography.

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What Does it Mean

Sisterhood by Kolongi

What does it mean to be an African American or Black woman

How can you prejudge me on the color of my complexion

If you knew my story, you would know there is room for correction

What does it mean to be an African American or Black woman


Well my scars don’t all show

But since you are one to judge you probably already know

I came into the world with the odds against me

Came from a strong line of woman who knew how to be

A wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, the provider and nurturer

But day after day constantly fight through all the torture

What does it mean to be an African American or Black woman


I had an aunt who was abused

Lied on and mistreated and harshly used

To see the pain in my mama’s eyes

Made me sit and wonder why

How does she even have the strength to even try

How can I stop my mama’s cry

But again I say, What does it mean to be an African American or Black woman


I have a mommom who can light up your world

I was always considered mommom’s little girl

What was I to do when she received that news

Sorry ma’am you seem to have caught Breast Cancer too

How can she go through all the medicine and treatment

And continue to be full of life and always vibrant

So what does it mean to be an African American or Black woman


Oh here’s one, what about my friend controlled and manipulated by men

What about her constant desire to be classified as a ten

Or what about that awful day, that one man who took it all away

Took something that is a jewel but he didn’t consider that he forced himself and had his way

What was I to say, what was I to do

I just sat there and listened to her story as a friend because the bond we had seemed like the only thing true

And I sit here and ask myself, What does it mean to be an African American or Black woman


We are women of valor and integrity

We go day by day with our heads held high, striving for victory

We are judged and taken granted for

But we never stopped loving those we adore

We fight day in and day out

But we don’t sit around because a smart woman knows there is no time to pout

We are strong for our kids and try our best to support them in all they do

We go from job to job working hard to give them a life that will be new

We are women full of life and beauty

We strive day by day to live up to our duty

We come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes

We should be cherished and treated as prizes


What does it mean to be an African American or Black woman

It means that you don’t live to the standard of any man

You have hopes and dreams that you try hard to succeed

You don’t look for handouts and you don’t complain about what you need

You learn how to live and conquer tough times

Because even if you fall you’ve learned to get back up and climb

The meaning is that you can’t be defined

We are women with tough skin and fight against the odds of men


Now what does it mean to you to be an African American or Black woman

-Arielle Burton

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The Plight of the Dark Skin Girl – Great, but not enough

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, along with the National Association of Colored People, co-sponsored an event entitled “The Plight of the Dark Skin Girl” on Monday, March 26. The program was created to bring to the forefront the issues in the lives of dark-skin women growing up in America. Jonathan Foucault, president of Alpha Phi Alpha, stated the purpose of the event was to discuss skin color in an open forum.

“Skin color especially within the African American Community is always spoken about in private conversations, never in public,” he said.

Speaker Cathleen Williams, a journalist professional, was invited to host the event and truly probe audience members.

Williams began the event with audience members folding a piece of paper down the middle and writing stereotypes of fairer-toned African Americans on one side, and writing stereotypes of browner toned-skin women on the other. The floor was then opened to discussion.

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