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Journalist Demetria Lucas visits Hofstra

On Wednesday, Oct. 8, blogger and journalist Demetria Lucas inspired an audience of roughly 25 students with an engaging discussion on resume building, networking and success as a media personality. Organized by Hofstra’s Collegiate Women of Color (CWC), the event featured an interview with Lucas, followed by a question and answer session from the audience. Shannon Alomar, vice president of CWC, coordinated the event and interviewed Lucas about her life, morals and career.

Dubbed as the “Black Carrie Bradshaw” in a Washington Post profile, Lucas began by talking about how she got her start in journalism—through blogging on Myspace about her relationship life. She then attended a networking event for the African American Women Journalists, and met with an editor for Essence magazine. “As a writer, you are always evolving,” said Lucas of her career.

Lucas talked about her first book, “A Belle in Brooklyn,” as a guide to dating culture. While dating in college and afterwards, Lucas advised young women not to be afraid to have standards.

“Keep a wide circle…grass is greener where it is watered,” said Lucas.

In addition to dating advice, Lucas advised the audience on building a brand and being successful in their individual fields.

“Make a list of what you want to be and choose the thing that is easiest and that will make you the most money,” Lucas recommended. She didn’t merge her professional life with her relationship life, and suggested that the audience does the same.

CWC president Mikwaevonn Mills talked of CWC as whole, and what it has gained from Lucas’ discussion. “From our discussion “Don’t Waste Your Pretty” with Demetria L. Lucas, our organization as a whole gained more skills to implement in different settings. For example, the work place, college classroom, etcetera,” said Mills.

Lucas’ advice and life experiences proved to be influential to the crowd, and especially to interviewer Alomar.

“Interviewing a prominent media influence such as Demetria was truly an honor,” said Alomar, who is also studying journalism. “There is something about getting answers out of someone who has been in your shoes before that truly makes me want to keep pursuing my dream. It’s like looking into a mirror and seeing myself in their position in some aspect.”

-Hayley Marks, Hofstra University

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