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Food not Bombs Volunteers Donate Every Sunday

The Hempstead chapter of Food not Bombs donates food and clothing every Sunday starting at 2pm in front of the Hempstead Railroad Station. Residents from Hempstead and the neighboring community line up each Sunday for supplies needed for their families. After Hurricane Sandy, different chapters from around Long Island, Staten Island and Rockaways have found that the need for resources have increased; there are a lot of resources to donate but a lot of it is used rather quickly.

Food not Bombs was founded in the 1980’s by eight Protestors who were protesting against nuclear power weapons. They advocate that in order to move forward, countries need to spend money on food, and not bombs. Since its founding, the organization has spread worldwide and has active groups in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. FNB Co-Founder Keith McHenry, was present at the Food share last Sunday.

-Claudia Balthazar

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