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Black Ink TV: Oct. 9 show


Black Ink TV is our new web series for aspiring broadcast journalists, on-air talent and producers. We post bi-weekly and members get to share their talent for the world to see. We’re working on making Black Ink TV better with every take.

This week features:

HUABJ’s trip to Washington D.C., Hofstra’s School of Communication name change, a story on college debt and an entertainment piece on Rihanna and more.

-Claudia Balthazar, President 

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The Life and Times of Activists

I have been involved with the study of activists and minority activism for quite some time– it’s important to know the people on whose shoulders we stand.

On Friday, Dec 7, I did a little documentary/editorial style film shooting at Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, NY: site of the Grand Depot of the Underground Railroad, here numerous slaves were freed, where both Abraham Lincoln and MLK delivered the first drafts of their most famous speeches.

Special Thanks go to everyone involved in this project!

To read more, visit  jeaninerussaw.wordpress.com
– Jeanine Russaw

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Reflections of October: Mental Health Awareness

Provided by the Active Minds official website: http://www.activeminds.org/

One in four students has a mental disorder, and it’s not always visible. Many college level students across the nation are not aware of this fact, according to “Active Minds.” For this reason, such an organization exists and seeks to educate people on the issue.

Created in 2003, Active Minds is a nonprofit organization with a distinct mission: “to help college students use their voice and change the conversation about mental health into something positive,” said Maggie Bertram, Active Minds Manager for Student Lead Initiatives.

October 9, 2012 was recognized as this year’s “National Day without Stigma.” This is a special day that promotes tolerance and addresses various stigmas associated with mental illness during “Mental Health Awareness Week.”The week is usually observed during the first full week of October, while “Day without Stigma” is held on a Monday or Tuesday of that week.

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Q and A with Dr. Cornel West

Cornel West with Jeanine Russaw. 10.3.12

Two weeks prior to hosting Presidential Debate 2012, Hofstra has had the honor of welcoming Dr. Cornel West to the campus. One of the more popular pre-debate keynote speaker events (along with Chris Matthews, Van Jones, and the Rove-Gibbs debate), West was gracious and forthcoming in his address to the public. Even more memorable was his snap decision to remain on campus for the Denver presidential debate and view it with Hofstra students.

To read the full story, click here: Cornel West Reaches out to Students on Denver Presidential Debate Night

A lot of powerful things were said that evening, and I had the humbling experience of speaking with him briefly. Here is what he had to say:

JMR: Hi Dr. West, first I would like to thank you for speaking at Hofstra and for your truly inspirational words. Earlier, you mentioned white supremacy, its existence in human beings and how it results in low self-esteem in blacks and other minorities. What advice do you have for those people and what do you think the steps are to realizing one’s self worth?

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Peaceful Protest Rally Aims to Motivate Citizens of Freeport

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 All photos by Jeanine Russaw unless otherwise stated.  

To listen to Claudia Balthazar’s coverage of the event, click  here.

In the name of peace, members of the Grass Roots Bikers’ Club rallied in the streets of Freeport on Saturday, Oct. 6 to discuss the need to end violence within the community. Co-organized by local organizations “Struggling to Reunite our New Generation” (S.T.R.O.N.G.)Youth Inc. and “There’s Only One Hempstead,” the protest’s participants initially stood together at the Perfecting Faith Church on Main Street.

As motorcyclists from surrounding neighborhoods (Hempstead, Freeport, Roosevelt and Garden City) drove past the parking lot, the back gates which were lined with poster boards covered with the names of young people from those communities that died because of violence. Names that were too many to count. Hung on a gate there was a jacket that read, “Violence is like a cancer. It is killing our young people. We are the cure.”

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Cornel West Reaches out to Students on Denver Presidential Debate Night

Cornel west delivers speech at Hofstra University two weeks before the Presidential Debate comes to the campus.

“If you don’t want to just be successful, but if you really want to be great: greatness has to do with your service for others and your love for the loveless,” These were the words spoken by Dr. Cornel West in his speech on Oct. 3. The speech was entitled “Making Abolishing Poverty a Priority in the Presidential Election,” but also dealt with other contemporary problems including racism and issues plaguing the mentality of American youth.

From start to finish, the lecture contained something intended to get the attention of all generations present. However, West paid particular attention to the students in the audience. Upon finishing, the floor was open to a series of questions and answers from the community, and the students were given top priority in terms of inquiry.

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