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The N-Word Debate

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To some people, the N-word (the one that ends in an “a”) is a term of endearment, especially when used by black people. But it  can also be used as an insult. So since the N-word is very popular and it seems to be accepted in pop culture, is it okay for someone of another race to use the word?

Some argue that “if black people say it all the time, why can’t I?” That is not a valid argument because not ALL black people like that word. You may hear it in a lot of music and comedy shows, but that is just a small percentage of blacks.. Oprah Winfrey has discussed her dislike of the word on many occasions. She even had a debate with Jay-Z about it when he was a guest on her talk show. Reverend Al Sharpton even held a funeral to bury the N-word. To say that black people use the word all the time is false, and it’s grouping all black people in one category.

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