Wake Up



Sometimes people need a reason to believe

Whether it’s a gesture or they can actual see what you see

Don’t get frustrated when things don’t seem right

Stand up and never give up; remember to always fight


Even when you feel down and out

Remember there is always an angel out and about

An angel’s presence is always around

So stop acting defeated and laying on the ground


Yea things get rough

And at times seem extremely tough

Sometimes facing your enemy in the eye

Is intimidating and you do not know whether to run or hide


How selfish can you be, to think that you’re the only one with issues

Oh wait I was told to be sensitive to those going through, wait right there while I get tissues

You know what makes me mad, a girl from the time she was 2 to 8 was brutally mistreated and tortured

But she still found the courage to want to reach out to others and be one who nurtured

She longs to help others and prevent them from going through, what she went through


Oh I’m sorry, your problem is so bad

I don’t blame you, you do have the right to be mad

There are many people out there going through something

What makes you think your problem is worth noting


Instead of always feeling bad for yourself

Go do something for someone else

The greatest gift comes from knowing that you changed a person’s life

Giving when there is all kinds of strife


There are angels always surrounding you

So stop acting like you cannot be of use

Walk in faith and love

Be something similar to a dove


You know, sometimes people need a reason to believe

Whether it’s a gesture or they can actual see what you see

Don’t get frustrated when others don’t see things like you

Remember it took time for you to become the you that is new


-Arielle Burton



2 thoughts on “Wake Up

  1. Gina Jolley says:

    That was so beautiful and easy to relate to!! Continue shedding God’s light through your words..we fall short sometimes and forget the purpose

  2. Arielle says:

    Thank you so much Ms. Gina, I pray all is well and see you soon 😀

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